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The Facts of Rural Life

The Facts of Rural Life


There is scarcely an acre of Britain that is truly wild. Farming, forestry, hunting, water extraction and urbanisation have all had a profound effect on our flora and fauna.

This prompts the fundamental question - who is responsible for managing wildlife? The Facts of Rural Life makes the case that humans, who have so profoundly altered the environment, must take responsibility for it and for managing its wildlife.

Charlie Pye Smith's new book makes the case for the need for better wildlife management and draws on extensive research in the field and interviews with scientists, farmers, conservationists, vets, gamekeepers, huntsmen and others involved in the study and management of wildlife. It also addresses many of the crucial conservation controversies of our time and exposes the consequences of ill thought through legislation.

This book provides a valuable resource for politicians, the media and anyone genuinely concerned about conservation, animal welfare and the future of Britain's countryside.

Highly recommended.


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