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Hay Hutch - large

Large Hay Hutch


The Large Hay Hutch is best for groups, has six apertures and holds two and a half small bales.

 Detailed specification:

750mm tall by 1200mm diameter.

Possible to get more than one days feed in this cutting down on waste and labour costs.

Feed apertures are approximately 292 mm ( 11 1/2") in diameter.

Weight 30kg


Conventional small bale = Approx 2 1/2 bales (c 96lbs/44 kg)

Quadrant big bale (more compressed) = approx 120lb/54kg

Carriage/delivery charge:

£45 for UK.

£85 for EU.

£165 for outside the EU and £40 for each extra one.  

Please note you will be charged a nominal delivery charge as you order and we will contact you for the difference in accordance with the prices stated here.

£295.00 inc VAT
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